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Moving the world forward

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is a modern media company that brings together premium content, direct to consumer relationships, advertising technology and high-speed networks to deliver a unique customer experience.

AT&T has recorded 34 consecutive years of quarterly dividend growth and is a Fortune 10 company.

The recently completed acquisition of Time Warner – now known as WarnerMedia – brings together the four key elements that define a modern media company:

Premium Content
No one does premium content better than the terrific talent at HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. Add in targeted content such as Bleacher Report and Boomerang, and our Otter Media properties, and we have a robust content portfolio that can drive viewer engagement to new levels.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Relationships
We have nearly 300 million1 D2C relationships across AT&T’s wireless, video and broadband businesses that provide valuable subscriber insights to better inform how we deliver advertising, what content we distribute and how we distribute that content. And we also have an opportunity to significantly grow our D2C streaming services such as HBO NOW and DIRECTV NOW.

Ad-technology Platform
We’re focused on investing in and growing our new advertising and analytics business, Xandr. That includes our acquisition of the ad-technology leader AppNexus, which was an important step toward creating a real-time video advertising marketplace to unlock value for advertisers and publishers. Not only will this platform utilize customer insights from our millions of customer relationships, it will also enhance premium video advertising, with greater relevance and higher yields – potentially with fewer ads.

High-Speed Networks
The more customers engage with premium content the more access they will need to network bandwidth. And demand will only continue to grow with 4K and virtual reality. That’s why we invest heavily in 5G wireless and our fiber network, and plan to be the first to deploy standards-based mobile 5G in the U.S. by the end of 2018. As the appetite for premium video consumption continues to grow, our high-speed gigabit network will be ready to deliver a great experience for our customers … at home, at work, on mobile devices, through augmented and virtual reality or in the car.
The combination of these four elements is powerful, creating a virtuous cycle…great content to drive engagement…broad, direct-to-consumer distribution…high speed networks to reach more consumers…all fueled by relevant advertising and insightful analytics to improve the overall consumer experience.

We are reinventing the way the media and entertainment industry works for consumers, content creators, distributors and advertisers.


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