One World, One Business World

Global Presence


Who We Are

1BusinessWorld is a full-scale business ecosystem that provides information, resources and business solutions
for entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world. 

We help entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to present their business and showcase their brand, 
connect with other businesses and professionals and build a strong infrastructure for revenue and growth.

We aim to empower entrepreneurs, connect them with the world, and help expand their respective businesses internationally.

We want to make a difference in the world by encouraging, supporting and enhancing global communication and global collaboration among entrepreneurs and company executives, and by helping companies build a strong infrastructure for growth and success.

About 1BusinessWorld

1BusinessWorld® is a global hub of entrepreneurs and high-growth companies. We strive to help businesses promote their brand and establish their name in the international market.

Our vision is based on the reality that we live, work and do business in one global interconnected business environment, and hence our moto: “One World, One Business World.”

Our goal—to create one business world where everyone can freely connect with each other—is what guides us in crafting strategies and tools that we offer to our clients.

As a global platform, we leverage technology so we can bring up-to-date and relevant services to business leaders. We gather data and information, analyze them, and use the results as our springboard to come up with effective solutions that will help entrepreneurs move their businesses forward.

At 1BusinessWorld®, we understand the value of connections and we provide our clients a way to engage with people across the globe. By establishing relationships with your customers and investors, you can have a strong foundation that can support your business through the ups and downs of the economy.

1BusinessWorld - One World, One Business World
1BusinessWorld - One World, One Business World

A Global Source of Information, Tools & Resources

We have a wealth of knowledge about the business world and what you should do to grow your company. As your advisors, we will gladly lend you our expertise in capital raising and performance optimization. Aside from that, we can guide you how to do transactions and investments strategically so you can generate greater returns. We can also hone your team’s skills in innovation and leadership—values that are integral to growing your business.

We will provide you with effective and efficient tools that will enable your company to brand and perform better. To achieve this, our team will equip you with skills and strategies on how you can improve your business’ infrastructure, customer service, and investor relations.

A Global Networking and Growth Platform

We connect entrepreneurs with the right investors and advisors, based on their needs and location. As a networking platform, we will help you get in touch with people in the global business environment who share with you the same vision and passion. This way, you’ll have a circle of fellow professionals from whom you can get advice and tools throughout your company’s growth journey.

1BusinessWorld® is also a platform for companies to grow their brand and showcase their products and services around the world. Because we have a connection with a network of businesses globally, we can give entrepreneurs an avenue to possibly collaborate and transact with other professionals in the international scene.

1BusinessWorld - One World, One Business World

One World, One Humankind

At 1BusinessWorld, we believe that we are all one people adding value to our world and constantly focusing on making our world a better place.
We believe that our uniqueness and our diversity as individuals is what makes us uniquely beautiful as one humankind.